Week 3: Mexico, I Love You

I've been seeing Mexico in the news a lot lately.  It's a place that I love and I feel it is not being represented properly.  

The footage of Mexico in this video is from a filming job that I went on last year to Mexico city.  When I arrived I was overwhelmed by how crowded the city was so I went to bed!  I woke up the next morning at 4am, grabbed the Canon C300 we had brought with us and went out into the city to see it awaken as the day started.  

I'll always loved this footage but it didn't seem like something I could put out on it's own.  I'm really happy with how the combination of this footage from last year and the voiceover I did on Saturday combined into a film.  Back when I filmed in Mexico City filming it was only the beginning of me figuring out that I love Mexico.