TED Talk: A Tale of Two Americans

When I dropped out of college I like to say that is when my real education began.  I began to pick and choose what I wanted to learn and I have noticed it has had a great impact on my knowledge base.  I no longer have to learn and splurge for a test or assignment that I know I will not remember the second I walk out of a classroom.  

One of the ways I continue to educate myself is by watching TED talks.  I think they are a great resource and even with their popularity, I still think they are slept on.  I new section of my blog will include my TED talk recommendations.  These are a collection of TED talks that caused me to pause and think.

For the first TED talk I picked A Tale of Two Americans by Anand Giridharadas.  In this TED talk Anand talks about America post 9/11 and second chances in America.  This one struck a cord. 

(Also I kept thinking this guy has the same jaw as Kayne West.  Am I wrong?)