Between Weeks: Traffic, Public Transit, and Osprey Atmos AG 65 Pack

20160616-untitled shoot-00684.jpg

We’re still in Downtown Los Angeles filming.  

20160616-untitled shoot-00661.jpg

Our lunch Thursday was at 5:30pm exactly so I decided to take my camera around and explore some evening traffic.

20160616-untitled shoot-00662.jpg
20160616-untitled shoot-00656.jpg

It’s popular to make jokes about having a 9 to 5 when you work in the film industry. It does seem nice to have a set time everyday that I can expect to get off.  Tonight we expect to get off at midnight.

But when I see traffic like this, I know there is no possible way I could deal with it 5 days a week twice a day for an entire career.

20160616-untitled shoot-00670.jpg

Sitting in a car waiting, just so I can get home and do it again.  

20160616-untitled shoot-00680.jpg

Every car I look at, it is always one person.  No one seems to carpool.  

20160619-untitled shoot-00696.jpg

On Sunday I found myself in Pasadena so I decided to take the new 501 Metro line over to Burbank.  This is the first Los Angeles bus I have to been on and it was a great experience.  

20160619-untitled shoot-00703.jpg

At the max there were 2 other passengers.  It was quick, it was cheap, and it only cost $1.75.  Public transit is a steal in Los Angeles, I guess because no one uses it.  

20160619-untitled shoot-00711.jpg

While riding on the bus I was reminded about how nice it is to have someone drive you around.  Even if it’s a public bus.  To not worry about all the hectic drivers and the ever worsening parking around Los Angeles.   It’s a nice breath of fresh air.  

20160619-untitled shoot-00707.jpg

I have been using my new/ used Osprey Atmos AG 65L backpack recently.   I picked it up at a REI garage sale for a great price.  It came with a torn drawstring but it is all covered under warranty by the manufacture.  

20160619-untitled shoot-00724.jpg
20160619-untitled shoot-00727.jpg
20160619-untitled shoot-00739.jpg

The great part about this pack is the AG. It stands for Anti Gravity.  When you put this pack on the pack grips you, it’s a feeling I haven’t felt before with a backpack.  It feels like a koala bear is hoping you around the hips!

It’s a great pack.  I have yet to use it on an actual trail but I will be sure to write about it when I do!

20160619-untitled shoot-00735.jpg

I will be working again next week on a TV show so there will not be a video.  I am still working on my video about how I got into the film industry.  It’s a hard one for me to make because it is a story that spans 3 years that I am trying to fit into a 3-4 minute video.  

It will be a good one!