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Saturday Morning

I went for a hike Saturday morning in Griffith Park.  I saw a patch of trees that looked like a mini forest so I decided to walk over to them.  The below photo is the forest.  It's pretty beautiful. 

SS-20140118-Logan Cole Week 2-4270.jpg

Lower Grand Avenue

Lower Grand in Los Angeles is one of my favorite locations to photograph. It's located under South Grand Ave.

I first found out about Lower Grand Ave via the movie "The Soloist". In the movie Jamie Fox plays a homeless man who lives on the streets of Los Angeles. In the movie Lower Grand was a busy main street, yet when I went there a couple years ago it was empty. Hardly anyone goes down to Lower Grand. Usually it's only the the business men in their nice cars who are going into the parking garages.

The picture below was taken around 3 am in the morning. It is the South part of the street. On the North half of the street there is construction going on to build the new Broad Museum.

SS-20130619-Night LA trip with Kenny-2337.jpg