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New York Trip: Update

Got back from New York and wow what a trip.  It felt great going back and I am lucky the rain held off until the last two days of the trip.  Spending Spring break in New York was definitely the right choice.  I took more photos than I should have and I am just beginning to get through them.  Recently I have been expiration with black and white.  I have always enjoyed black and white but I have never really been able to get my pictures to look amazing in black and white.  But the more photos I edit in black and white the more I like them.  

The above is from a subway station down by Wall street.  And the one below is of a security guard who was pacing in front of this backlit wall in Rockefeller Plaza.  

Mammoth Moutain

SS-20140307-Mammoth Trip-7036.jpg

I spent the weekend at Mammoth Mountain with friends and family.  I brought my 6d along to capture some of the awesome views from trip.

SS-20140307-Mammoth Trip-6517.jpg

When renting our equipment, I overheard the ski rental employees talk about how they hadn't rented out all the equipment yet this year.  

SS-20140307-Mammoth Trip-6716.jpg

This is the fist look we see of the mountain as we pull up.  Decent amount of snow for March.  

SS-20140307-Mammoth Trip-6795.jpg

Mammoth uses RFID in their ticket nows.  It helps to get people through the line and onto the life pretty quick.

It was perfect weather.  You can see a snowboarder about to drop in off the top in the above picture.

SS-20140307-Mammoth Trip-7117.jpg

Fantastic views and this photo was taken a quarter of the way down the mountain.

SS-20140307-Mammoth Trip-7427.jpg

There seemed to be more skiers than snowboarders on this trip.

SS-20140307-Mammoth Trip-7516.jpg
SS-20140308-Mammoth Trip-7596.jpg

Especially while driving the landscape is beautiful. 

Until next time Mammoth...