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DTLA Dinner Club

I’ve been experimenting with Video for a couple months now.  Again and again I am blown away by the power of modern day DSLRs.  They pack incredible video in such a small package.  The biggest thing I have noticed is that when I am taking video in the public very few people, if any, notice that I am taking video.  Most people will ask what I am taking pictures of and most are surprised when I tell them I am actually doing video.  

On Wednesday my friend, Josh Gray-Emmer, invited me to a dinner party at this loft in DTLA.  Josh holds a dinner party every other Wednesday night in DTLA.  The purpose is to meet new people and to have good conversation.  Everyone who attends lives in DTLA and most work there too.  It was great night and I made the video below to act as a sort of commercial for the dinner party. 

Also I have added a new section to my portfolio in the menu bar called "videos".  I will add all futures I make to that section, so please check it out!