Thoughts From Japan: Going Home

Today I flew back to Los Angeles from Tokyo. It's been an amazing trip and a great way to end 2015. Thank you for watching my trip, I appreciate it! 

Until next time!

Thoughts From Japan: Making Assumptions

Final full day in Japan.  We went to Mt Fuji and explored a different part of Japan on a bus tour.  Today I found myself thinking a lot about making assumptions about other people.


Thoughts From Japan: Homogenized Art

I often times find it too easy to continue to create the same thing instead of pushing myself to do something different.  I have experienced that with these 10 videos I am trying to create while I am here in Japan so I thought it was only appropriate to make to a video about it.

Thoughts From Japan: Jr High

The older I get the less talking I do when I am in a group of people.  I often times I find myself sitting back and listening instead.  In this video I talk about how my desire to climb the social ladder of my peer group peaked many years ago in Jr High.