Week 20: How I Got Into The Film Industry: Trevor

When I got introduced to the film industry I was very lost. I was going to college for a degree I didn't want, I was working at a grocery store, and my relationship with my parents was becoming worse everyday. I was struggling with thoughts of depression and I couldn't see the beauty in life.

I will forever remember meeting Trevor on a Saturday morning at Trader Joe's. I will forever remember going to Paramount Pictures with him. Taking pictures of my reflection in the fake rain puddles on the backlot!

I have been writing this video since July 28th of 2016. I was working on an Amazon show and we had a day where we shot at Paramount. After I wrapped I met up with Trevor! This was monumental because the last time I saw Trevor at Paramount, I was just a kid who he invited to come visit his set. This time I got onto the lot all by myself, I was supposed to be there!

I made this video as a reminder to myself. A reminder to remember the beauty in the ignorance that I possessed when I got into the film industry. You couldn't tell me no! You couldn't cut out my flame! I was beyond green and always excited! "Push that camera cart up that hill!" I'm in! "Push that camera through the dirt and the rain!" I'm in! You couldn't wipe the positivity and smile off my face.  But somewhere between then and now I have lost that positive attitude.  

Today I was walking to breakfast with my friend Keith Jones. We are shooting at Los Angeles Center Studios in Downtown Los Angeles. The sun was just about to come over the horizon. I felt so overcome with joy and gratitude for the life I am currently living. For the beauty I was able to see before my eyes. I couldn't dream of this happening when I was stuck in my old college classrooms.

I will never know where my life is going or who is going to change it. What relationship or person may enter my life and completely shift the way I see and interpret the world. What break up or shift at work will actually push me in the right direction when in the moment all I can think about is how bad it is all going. But what I can remember is to keep an open mind. To allow others to touch my life because there is no greater pleasure than human connection.

I hope this video helps you like it has helped me. I am beyond proud to put my name on this one. I am beyond proud to use this as a reminder to myself to treat everything like it's my first project. This is what I want "Made By Spencer" to be.

Thank you. See you next week with Part 2