20171024- Dos


The bird is in the nest! It's crazy to me what asking for help can do for you. 

Today my house closed! I've now got a mortgage. It's true, if you hang around the barber shop long enough you are bound to get a cut. 

Thanks to everyone who has answered my questions about how a mortgage works and how to qualify for one. Thank you to my Dad. And thank you for Costco for approving a kid at 18 for a credit card with a limit of $800! 

What's my life without risk? I've been thinking about that question recently. If I fail, if I go broke, if I get burned out of the film industry, let it happens in my 20s! This is the time to take on an unporportunal amount of risk. To risk it all and see how far we can go. And best believe we've got dreams to jump over the moon in a pair of Air Force 1s!