Week 8: I Want To Do Nothing

Okay okay okay.  This video is a little different.  

I ended up going to work on Tuesday without having recorded an interview yet for my weekly video! That was yesterday! I didn't have time to setup some pretty looking professional interview with an overpriced camera and a very difficult to use mic kit.  So instead I just filmed myself walking to work at the studio.  I also ended up filming at lunch and on the walk back to my car just so I could get it sounding like I wanted! 

This video is the product of spending an incredible weekend in Malibu with friends, just getting back to the basics and disconnecting.  

You will also notice this music is not the typical overly cinematic piano (sometimes boring) piece that I find on Soundcloud.  For me, when I think about doing nothing I think about being in early high school listening to Mac Miller's mixtape K.I.D.S.  So I thought it would it would be a disservice to not use a beat off of that album.  I don't care how it sounds it's gotta be from K.I.D.S.!  And thus we have the Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza beat!

I will be back next week! Sorry I have not been responding to comments, I've been working more than I anticipated but I still read them and I enjoy them very much (they are good for my health and your's too)!

If you read this far you are the best! Not them, only you!  Well maybe them too. But only you.  (Don't think about this too much)