Week 5: Camping

I’ve been in San Francisco for the past week.  And those of you in America you know it was Super Bowl Sunday this past weekend and the game took place in San Francisco.



So as people flooded into the city to either go to the game my friends and I realized none of us really care about football! So we decided it would be a good opportunity to get away from it all.  


We went camping up in Northern California at a place called Pomo Canyon.  The campground ended up being closed so we hiked around and found a good spot off site to camp for the weekend.  It was a beautiful place with great views of the coast.  We made some amazing food and I have to say this was probably the best Super Bowl weekend I have ever had!  Who won the Super Bowl again? Nah just messing it’s not worth it.


And for those of you that are wondering the song is a Billy Joel cover of Vienna played and sung by Larry Fisherman (aka Mac Miller).  The key is that the song is slowed down.  I found the mood of the song and the words that Billy Joel wrote to be very appropriate to how I was feeling this weekend.  


Living just a couple days without my phone was a very refreshing feeling.  It has provoked a couple ideas for some videos, so watch out for those!


Thanks everyone for watching and I will see you next week!