Week 13: Social Media Makes Me Feel Bad

I’ve struggled with a love hate relationship with social media for as long as I have been on it.  I love the potential of it, I love the moments of joy it can bring, and I love the ability to connect with others.  


But as social media matures I have seen a shift toward the celebration of falsely advertised lifestyles.  Social media seems to have become a public journal where you post the highlights of your life! On these apps, everyone seems to be living such spectacular lives with such amazing food, people, and culture! Yet, more people than ever report that they are depressed or feel lonely.

I have personally noticed that I am at my worst when I spend a too much time on these apps.  I start deprecating myself and judging others by how they present themselves on the screen.  

So, I am going to take a break from social media.  I am going to turn it off for 30 days.  And I know as a someone who is trying to build a presence online by making videos this might not be the best marketing plan.  But for me I am trying to figure out if these thoughts of depression and self deprecation are worth the tiny growth I receive by being present on these apps.