Week 12: Making Movies With A Purpose

I had the opportunity to load film on a job this week.  I’ve practiced loading film before but I have never been the key loader on a show.  It is a very stressful job because a loader is the only person who physically touches the film inside the magazine.  If anything is wrong with the film it’s my fault!


Shooting on film was experience in itself.  It was still filmmaking like every other project I have done in the past two years but it felt more purposeful.  We weren’t “spraying it down” like we usually do when we are shooting digital and have unlimited hard drive space.  Everytime the camera rolled, there was a purpose.  

It was a wonderful experience and it’s taught me to slow down when I am shooting and to treat filmmaking like an art.

On a side note it’s been raining this week in Los Angeles so for the first time in 12 weeks I took my recording inside.  Enjoy!

Shot on:

Sony A7rii

Canon 6d