The Setup

Only a couple more days till I launch the site and I am putting the finishing touches on it.  Well actually by the time you read this the site will be up and you will most likely be reading this on the site so I guess this sentence is pointless.  

I have been brainstorming the introduction video for "Made By Spencer" and I have some pretty good ideas. It should be live within a week so be sure to check back.  

The main setup of the site has been to setup social media, design a website, and pick a mission for Made By Spencer.  Setting up social media was mainly busy work, just forms and the usual.  Designing the website was much easier.  I decided to go with Squarespace for hosting and I started off by using one of their prebuilt templates.  Picking the mission for the site is the hardest part.  This site is dedicated display my photography, writing, and films along with the occasional video or link that I find interesting. 

Thank you for checking out Made By Spencer and enjoy!