Size Matters

That’s what she said
— Michael Scott

This is my favorite video camera.  The Canon S100.  It takes horrible photos, the gps takes 5 minutes to connect, and the autofocus is loud.  But that all falls to the wayside when I use it.  


When I use this camera it feels like an extension of my eyes attached to wrist.  It captures the moment and for me that is all that matters in a camera.  If the camera is able to capture what I see in my minds eye, it has done it’s job. 

Two years ago when I started taking photography seriously I convinced myself that I needed to buy a “professional camera,” that mistake cost me $3,000 (plus tax).  I bought the full frame camera, the fast prime lenses, and the overpriced pieces of glass they call UV filers, but that didn’t change the fact that I did not know how to take a picture.  Yes, I knew how to click the shutter button but with a $3,000 camera around my neck it ended up hurting me more than it helped me.  

As a young 20 year old without a trust fund, I don’t have a lot of money (can you believe it!?!).  So having $3,000 swinging around your neck is a major distraction.  I found myself thinking more about the preservation of the camera and less about using the camera as a tool.  As a result I ended up leaving my expensive toy at home and going out without a camera or picking up my small Canon S100.  

The S100 is what I use for my day in the life videos (or vlogs).  Even though it is years behind in specs and has a sensor the size of my baby finger nail, it is a great camera for what I use it for.

At the end of the day I recommend you buy whatever camera will help you take more pictures.  


And with that being said just remember that the pictures of my wonderful small Canon S100 were taken with my $3,000 (plus tax) camera.